505 reviews
Features really disappoint
January 08, 2022
Worst possible laptop to buy period. Got it for school and home use but really ended up hating everything about it. Chrome os is basicall...
Quantum · Review provided by Best Buy
Expensive - Display, Touchpad, Heat
May 19, 2022
1) display - it has an unusual red tint that can revert to normal if you scroll up slightly. because of samsung's posting guidelines - i ...
Curtis L · Review provided by samsung.com
PLEASE do not buy unless doing a trade in
December 27, 2021
I don't know if those 5 star reviews are by bots because this is the unhappiest I've been with a purchase. The trade in price is okay. Th...
Taylor · Review provided by samsung.com
Not compatible with anything
February 05, 2022
the main complaint is thats its a chrome book. i got this because i love samsung products and man it's been a nightmare filled with mingr...
Quantum · Review provided by samsung.com
June 28, 2022
i was so happy to get my chromebook and it became my working world until i dropped it and tried to have it repaired. i've bought nothing ...
Alicia · Review provided by samsung.com
Chromebook is not even worth the price
December 09, 2021
i mean, the qled display is eye catching, the i3 is not even worth the price you are paying. but it is a chromebook, so you are pretty mu...
Alex · Review provided by samsung.com
Looks can be deceiving
October 08, 2021
the first day i got the chromebook i thought it couldnt get no better. i hadnt no more than turned it on the first 2 days. the third day ...
Bryson · Review provided by samsung.com
Too fragile!
August 05, 2021
This is beautiful and very capable Chromebook. Unfortunately, I can not recommend it. It's too fragile. The screen cracked within 3 mont...
RichardL · Review provided by Best Buy
December 27, 2021
After 6 months of use i had 2 keys on the keyboard that stopped functioning . I sent it for repair since the warranty is for 1 year. I re...
JimO · Review provided by Best Buy
July 16, 2021
Horrible. Literally started malfunctioning within a week and within a 3 weeks was going bonkers. Returned it to Samsung for service. They...
1234 · Review provided by Best Buy
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