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Yes, excellent picture but last time I buy LG ...
May 06, 2022
Ordered from LG direct, firstly got shipped a model where the back of the TV is "calm beige" and not the grey colour shown everywhere els...
DisappointedOLEDBuyer · Review provided by LG
Video and audio
September 26, 2022
A lot of LGs description are not explained and causes confusion. EX: AI sound or clear voice pro. What is it and which is best to choose....
Fred611 · Review provided by LG
Bluetooth Headphones don't connect
September 21, 2022
Whilst the picture quality is really good, the TV is useless to me. I am deaf so I rely on headphones. We have now purchased 4 different ...
Claire7373 · Review provided by LG
Great picture, apps need alot of work
September 01, 2022
Had this for a month now and the picture quality is fantastic and remote is good to use as well. The issues i have with with LG doesnt ah...
Craig · Review provided by LG
Great picture, but the this TV has problems
September 22, 2022
This TV has a great picture, but it has problems. This OLED C2 TV has built in features that no one can control control. I called LG cust...
Datacheck · Review provided by LG
Brilliant but flawed!
July 12, 2022
Excellent in many ways but too many glitches. Wifi connection is an issue - the TV will not save the password & an Ethernet cable is need...
anonymous · Review provided by thegoodguys.com.au
August 19, 2022
Picture definition is best I have ever seen however even at brightest settings, which they discourage you to use, the overall brightness ...
J Nothappy · Review provided by pcrichard.com
August 15, 2022
The tv is fine, except for set up. When you first turn on, you don't get a picture. Just information. After punching in different buttons...
MONICA · Review provided by nfm.com
Amazing picture
September 15, 2022
This has one of the best pictures I have ever seen. My only issue is with the wifi and wired internet connections. It keeps dropping the ...
Mhartman74 · Review provided by LG
Great picture
August 07, 2022
Only had the tv a week but have to say I'm pleased with the picture quality and features, one of the things I am pleased with and also he...
Royw · Review provided by LG
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