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Cheap Edition
May 10, 2022
This softcover is an awful edition. It's as if the hardback has been shrunk down with no adjustments made. The font is tiny, the margins ...
mountainviewshop · Review provided by ebay.com
Very depressing book - skip it.
January 06, 2022
At first I was drawn in by the mystery but then I realized none of these characters were likeable and Evelyn was a manipulative schemer. ...
granada_girl · Review provided by ebay.com
Less than creative
May 26, 2022
It’s basically a verbatim retelling of Marilyn Monroe’s life with a few splashes of Catherine Taylor. There are a few twists but seriousl...
Kkor18 · Review provided by Target
Not worth the hype
August 05, 2022
Too many characters to keep track of. If you're into celeb stuff, then read it but it's no different than reading a tabloid in my opinion...
Universal Thread · Review provided by Target
Didn't live up to the hype
June 25, 2021
The story felt forced, most of the characters were unlikeable and the "twist" was mostly brushed over.
riley · Review provided by Target
Incorrect Details
April 28, 2020
I ordered a Brand New edition of the book and received a library copy, with hard-to-remove stickers on the books jacket.
meanwhilesilencio · Review provided by ebay.com
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