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I was having several problems with setup. After a couple hours I decided it was not worth the eff...
August 03, 2021
I was having several problems with setup. After a couple hours I decided it was not worth the effort and am returning it. I only bought t...
R. · Review provided by homeessentialsdirect.com
No Cloud Access and Only 100Mbps Ethernet
June 01, 2022
I bought this router because I thought that my more expensive router was on the fritz. Turns out that my issue with my ISP but by using t...
tukeyclothespin · Review provided by officedepot.com
December 03, 2018
Unfortunately, I have been unable to use this product because it is not compatible with my current modem/router combo. I will attempt to ...
DugR2 · Review provided by Target
December 05, 2020
Definetly worth the money for the item, I have several smart devices in my home that is connected to my Wi-Fi and don't have any issues a...
NICK · Review provided by walmart.com
Not a very fast router
January 26, 2021
I didn't really like this router. It was not very fast and I traded it back for a faster one and love it
Amelia · Review provided by officedepot.com
August 16, 2021
Sucks at working as range extender. Usb dongle supported if unlocked(Airtel i have)
raj abhishek · Review provided by Google
Great Product!
July 14, 2020
Didn’t work for our requirements, signal strength not strong enough.
Suns · Review provided by officedepot.com
didn't work as fast as it should
August 20, 2019
i bought it but speed wasn't consistent and great as it should be / described
jack · Review provided by officedepot.com
December 08, 2018
I use the router but it made by streaming videos buffer even more than what they usually do.
ttweetybird19 · Review provided by Target
May 07, 2021
wifi range not so flash
Joseph · Review provided by catch.com.au
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