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March 02, 2017
Twenty-five years ago, I was with my grandma in a store to pick up a patio chair she had ordered. As we walked in, I picked up on the sou...
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nothing else like it
April 18, 2019
So i got this on woodstock's amazon storefront, but it was so good it was worth writing two reviews. I fell in love with the Olympos one ...
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Love the chimes! The lower
August 21, 2020
Love the chimes! The lower register of tones is soothing when the breezes come through the yard. We look forward to enjoying them for yea...
Kathleen Z. · Review provided by chimes.com
Peaceful and calming.
December 01, 2020
Love these chimes. My neighbor loves my chimes. They are peaceful and calming. Since we are all outside so much they are so appreciated. ...
Elizabeth A. · Review provided by chimes.com
My favorite wind chimes EVER.
June 06, 2022
I received my first set a few years ago and absolutely fell in love. This past Christmas I received a gift card as a gift and finally pic...
Heather S. · Review provided by chimes.com
May 13, 2021
I received my first set over 30 years ago and hung them in a tree. I had to restring a few times and then everything but the tubes needed...
Rebecca C. · Review provided by chimes.com
Amazing Garry
May 10, 2020
The sound is beautiful! Neighbors commented on it too. It's not tinny but full bodied. However, it does not sound like wooden tube chimes...
Marie · Review provided by walmart.com
Great sound! Great quality!
September 29, 2020
Love the sound, no harsh or sharp sounds, I suffer from migraine so this is really important as I’m extra sensitive. These chimes are bea...
Katie C. · Review provided by chimes.com
September 27, 2020
They appear to be well made chimes that is true but the best part is the sound. To our ear this is the ideal wind chime sound we want aro...
reelez · Review provided by cabelas.com
We have loved the sound
March 19, 2021
We have loved the sound of these chimes since they were given to us years ago for our wedding. Having kept them outdoors year round, the ...
Barry Y. · Review provided by chimes.com
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