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Malfunctioning product
October 23, 2019
Easy set up. Just insert batteries, water and decorator rocks and Presto! For the first ten minutes the product worked just fine. What a pleasure it was seeing the steadily flowing water; you could actually even hear it. After that, it never worked properly again. I could get it to work intermittently but then it would just stop pumping water. You can hear the motor running, it's the pump that can't seen to handle the water supply. Maybe it's too tall for the pump to handle. I say that because the smaller fountain I replaced worked just fine until the pump gave up after 16 months. It also could be that I just got one faulty product and the others like this one work well. However, it might be the design and I am not reordering it to find out. Will just be returning it.
Gracie · Review provided by lowes.com
it works fine, but the pump is quite audible
October 08, 2020
The water sound is gentle and soothing when sitting close by. But the joy in listening to the water fall is diminished by the sound of the pump, which is almost as soothing as white noise is. The noises from the water and the pump compete with each other. I wonder if there are any tabletop water fountains without the pump noise? Maybe one that costs much more than the $10 that this one cost. I wouldn't buy this had I known about the pump noise. It might be worth spending more money if it means the pump won't be so loud.
Ishua · Review provided by lowes.com
No sound of water.
September 11, 2020
If you prefer the hum of a small motor, this fountain is for you. If you the sound of flowing water is your motivation, this fountain is not for you. It's size, price, lights, and battery powered features are attractive. The water flow is so compact that it is quiet - defeating the purpose for me. I gave two stars only because of the benefits mentioned. Not returning only because it's not worth the hassle.
Paul · Review provided by lowes.com
October 14, 2020
It was working fine for a couple days or maybe even weeks but then the lights started not to work and at the top, all of the water isn't coming out. I thought it was just the battery dying each time so I kept changing the batteries. Turns out it's not the batteries. It's the item. I wouldn't recommend.
zamariah · Review provided by lowes.com
January 21, 2019
I bought this fountain to help me sleep. The sound of the trickling water is great and very soothing. Big problem though! It is only battery operated and the batteries die after about four hours of use which is not enough sleep for me. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the batteries so I went out and spent more money buying the most expensive ones. Well guess what, after about four hours the fountain killed the batteries again. Unless you own stock in the Energizer company, I do not recommend this fountain.
Suz · Review provided by lowes.com
Broke in less than 24 hours
December 10, 2020
Followed instructions & even measured the amount if water to add. Started her up and was working great. Went to bed and by the next morning the pump had stopped circulating the water. Bringing back to Lowe's hopefully they refund me.
MichelleS · Review provided by lowes.com
July 10, 2019
I chose this water fountain because it did not need an electric plug to operate. I’ve had it for a week and a half and so far it works very well. For the price I enjoy the different lighting effects that it throws off in the evening. I also like the sound of the water cascading. It provides a calming affect.I dressed it up by sitting it in a bowl and putting rocks around it and it looks nice. Not sure how long it’s going to last, but for the price, it provided the look I was attempting to achieve..
Ronnie · Review provided by lowes.com
Terrible product: DO NOT waste your money on this
December 22, 2019
I have brand new AA batteries, and put the pebbles in exactly how the picture looks, and when I filled it to the top on the 1st bowl, it barely even flowed and when it got to the bottom bowl the only thing left were drops and it never cycled back up. I made sure I had it on. Also, it makes a terrible noise. DON’T BUY!!!
Zach · Review provided by lowes.com
Frustation instead of relaxation
October 01, 2020
My previous Lowes shopping experience was excellent, so after I listened to the tranquil sounds on the video I ordered. Following directions and many attempts finally the water pump began to work, slowly and for a short time despite trying different water amounts since I was unsuccessful with recommended amount. Finally, the lights went out.
Jeannie · Review provided by lowes.com
Batteries don’t even last a full 24 hours
March 08, 2019
Bought this to use as a cat fountain similar to the pictures in the other review. The fountain itself is cute, but it can’t be left on. With high end batteries it will stop flowing and the lights will turn out within 24 hours of running. Not worth the cost of the batteries you’ll use. Huge power drain. I definitely can’t use it the way I intended; would need a backup water source for when it dies every day.
Natalie · Review provided by lowes.com