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Very weak solar power.
June 24, 2020
This is a very cute, very expensive fountain. The fountain itself is very nice. The main issue I have with it is that the solar panel that comes with it is very weak. It basically has to be facing a very bright sun in order for it to work properly. If there's even a little bit of cloud cover or anything blocking the bright direct sunlight, the fountain will not work properly. Then what happens is that you can hear the pump trying to work while it's waiting for full sun power, and while it's doing that, the pressure of the water going up from the pump into the frog is very low, so the water dribbles out of the frog and off the edge of the fountain, draining water out of it instead of the water being recycled into the fountain. I've had this fountain now for over a week and have...
Tina · Review provided by Hayneedle
Water for wildlife
October 20, 2017
Humming Bird Island in my front yard, is an oasis for small wildlife. The sun powered birdbath is perfect. It is small, balances easily on the gound, and is attractive. The solar power cord to set the solar panel in a line facing the sun is more than long enough to redirect the panel as the sun moves across the sky. I clean and refill the "pond" every morning because an unknown critter drinks from it every night which leaves it half full in the mornings, unable to be the height necessary to make the fountain pump work. The sound of water splashing attracts the birds and small lizards which are indiginous (they were here first) to the island.; resident insects are also attracted to the water. Hummingbirds' protein is gotten from small insects, which makes the bird bath even mor...
FlightAttendant · Review provided by walmart.com
November 05, 2020
I am enjoying the frog birdbath. I add water each morning but by noon it quits working. It appears it only works about 4 hours then I add water again. My husband suggested we tape over the overflow outlet. I will try to see if this helps. We live in Arizona with almost 365 days of sun so this solar frog birdbath should work perfectally.
Loretta · Review provided by walmart.com
April 01, 2021
Love my frog fountain. It is the second one I bought. Birds love the sound of splashing water. Great little garden feature. The first one lasted 5 years. Had trouble finding replacement pump for it so I use it as plain bird bath.
Maxsgama · Review provided by walmart.com
Love it. But remember that the solar pump/ fountain works...
June 02, 2020
Love it. But remember that the solar pump/ fountain works only when there’s steady sunshine falling on the cells. Even a bit of cloudy sky or clouds intermittently covering the sunshine will make the fountain stop functioning. The fountain is very cute. The set up of the frog and the pump needed a bit of fiddling to get the right fit. Highly recommend.
Summersun2 · Review provided by Home Depot
A great addition to my garden
April 27, 2019
What a cute fountain! So far, it’s working perfectly. From having read other reviews, I knew to place it where the solar panel will get optimum sun during the day. I understand that there is no storage of solar power, so on cloudy days and after sunset the water will not circulate. The fountain, itself, is a good size and quite attractive with its little frog character. It all arrived intact, having been packaged for shipping very well. The instructions were straight forward and easily understood. I would definitely recommend this item .
RosemaryM · Review provided by walmart.com
Thirsty Frog, Blame the Basin
May 12, 2020
Do not bother, this is a total waste of money. Unfortunately I threw the packaging away in the excitement of receiving it and probably can't return it. It doesn't even retain the water because they made too large of a whole in the back of the fountain, so the basin doesn't hold enough water to cover the pump that recirculates the water. You end up with stagnant water instead of the intended flow through the frog's mouth.
Jesabel · Review provided by walmart.com
Absolutely love it!
May 27, 2019
This solar fountain birdbath is perfect. I replaced an older solar glass bird bath that had a crack in it. I used the solar light that was inside the glass and put in on the bottom of the fountain birdbath. I added a bag of small accent rocks and now the water lights up at night. I have to find the right position for the solar panel, as I keep moving it around. You have more the enough cord to do this. I received many compliments. It arrived well packaged, very secure.
Kathleen · Review provided by Hayneedle
Love it!
May 13, 2018
As luck would have it, I had a pottery flower container that was nearly the same color as the frog fountain and placed the fountain on top of it to elevate it to a perfect height in my little garden. I added stones as shown. It works beautifully but does require full sun to "spit". If the sun should sneak behind a cloud, it will stop spitting until the sun emerges again even though the sun seems to be bright. I do have to readjust the position of the solar sensor as the day progresses to catch the sunlight properly. The birds like to sit on the edge and drink the water and I love the gentle sound it makes. It is small enough that it is easy to relocate as needed in the garden.
Shutterpug · Review provided by Hayneedle
Fast Shipping | Lovely Vivid Green Sunny Day Fountain
May 30, 2018
I just LOVE my new (larger than it looks - a positive!) froggy fountain. It's a vivid green and looks lovely siting on my cement bench in my back yard. The directions say that it must be a sunny day for the fountain to work - they are serious. If the sun goes behind even one cloud, off it goes. But, they do tell you up front and so from 10:00 am (when the sun peeks over my backyard) until most of the rest of the day, I have a lovely working fountain. I even added some little pebbles and 2 flat pink silk flowers that look like lily pads for effect. Looks great! A++. Oh, and I received it in 2 days.
Karen · Review provided by Hayneedle