Sun Squad Rainbow Blobz Water Slide
The Sun Squad Rainbow Blobz Water-Filled Splash Pad is a unique play area that offers a cool surface for playing or lying on while enjoying a day under the sun. Simply fill the Blobz up with water through the nozzle on the top to create a fun, cool p
  • Dimensions (Overall): 9.2 feet (L) x 6.1 feet (W) x 0 inches (H)
  • Cool surface for playing or lying on
  • Inflation Time: 30 minutes

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Whoever invented this clearly had a water bed in 1992.
July 20, 2020
Okay, first thing first... this is ADORABLE. Second, the success rate for this particular item depends on how much you love your children and just how desperate you are. I love my children a ton, but the drive for set up and tear down comes most definitely out of quarantine desperation. If this were a normal summer with normal kiddie socials, ain’t no Mamma got time for this. But it’s not. So here we are.... 1. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to set up. 2. It MUST have level ground. We have over 25 acres and I want a refund from our realtor cause I’ll be dammed if there is a 9 x 10 area that is perfectly level. 3. You won’t win yard of the month, the longer you leave it up the more the grass dies and turns the color of cat vomit. 4. For ours, the sprinkler squirts out th...
TargetMom · Review provided by Target

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