3M Tekk Protection Rug Anchors - 4 count
3M tekk protection rug anchors system helps prevent trips & falls using 3M technology it's the best solution for holding rug corners & edges down firmly. Apply to the edges of rug corners to help prevent curling. Helps keep rug corners firmly in plac
  • Helps keep rug corners firmly in place to make vacuuming easier
  • Works on hard surfaces like wood, tile, linoleum, laminates and stone
  • Rugs can removed, washed and reattached to floor strip

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Great mat holders
September 18, 2020
This is a replacement set of rug to floor grippers I use. The first set I used about a year before one of the attachment sets pulled away from the rug. I use them on a small mat (36in x 48) right in front of an outdoor doorway. The mat is attached to a hardwood floor. These work great. This unit includes 4 sets of attachments; 1 for each corner. There is a blackish colored one that secures to the floor and removes easily without any trace of glue. Then there is a whitish one that sticks to the back of the mat. It actually holds to the mat strongly enough to stay on. Once the mat ones are secured to the floor the mat doesn't move. If someone wipes there feet really hard it can get detached and all you have to do is reattach them. Hope this review helps. Id love if you youd chec...
Jeanne · Review provided by walmart.com

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