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Nice but quite loud and pump failed after one week
July 19, 2021
This fountain looks quite substantial and the combination of water falling in different streams and the lights make for a beautiful appearance. The sound of the water is surprisingly loud, however. We took to closing our office door so to muffle the sound of the water in the entrance to our offices. Also, we came back to the office this am to find the pump not working. We've tried everything we could think of but it appears to have died. We'll be returning the fountain to HD.
richjacy · Review provided by Home Depot
Compact, well made, EZ to assemble Natural Looking waterfall
March 10, 2019
This is wonderful rock waterfall precisely because it is small enough and yet ascetically crafted to look real and is complete with levels and water flowing over the simulated rock. Easy to assemble. I'm bucking some safety concerns (with electricity) -so, I don't recommend that people use it the way I'm using it-but, I noticed that it fits nicely beneath the toilet paper dispenser in my bathroom. So, in conjunction with a blue toilet paper roll above it, this Hayneedle "Eternity" fountain has enabled me to turn my toilet paper dispenser into a simulated waterfall!! Very exciting! SO, I'm in the process of ensuring that the electrical cord going around the bathroom is WELL INSULATED! and positioned securely away from the toilet or sink to avoid conract with unexpected water sp...
Theodore · Review provided by Hayneedle
TIPS you will NEED!!
October 14, 2013
If the main waterfall is not streaming properly, remove the sponge while water is running, and then replace slowly, with inner arch towards you, until water is flowing smoothly. This will help prevent splashing. If the LED lights go out, this is a sign the unit needs to be cleaned. **Unplug the Fountain from the electrical outlet FIRST*. Slide open the back access cover. Remove the pump (by disconnecting the clear water hose) and LED connection assemblies out of the back of the fountain. Unscrew the black caps and clean connections and then re-connect. The main problem is the pump needs to be cleaned near the water intake screen. Clean and rinse the pump well. Replace the pump and LED assembly connections back into the fountain, re-connect the clear hose to pump, and restar...
Zen in My Office · Review provided by Ace Hardware
Perfect Size and Sounds
February 24, 2021
I love this desktop fountain which is lovely. It is the perfect size for my credenza, and almost silent, but has just a whisper of a sound to be soothing. So glad I purchased this from Lamps Plus
Christine · Review provided by lampsplus.com
Happy Days Are Here Again
June 09, 2016
My new waterfall is awesome. Sometimes I have a problem getting to sleep, not any more. The gentle sound of the water puts me right to sleep. I love the design of this product, it fits into my room perfectly. The lights are like icing on the cake. But the best feature is the sound of the water. Thank you Hayneedle for offering this wonderful product.
Sean · Review provided by Hayneedle
This waterfall was easy to assemble. I thought from the picture that it would change LED colors,...
June 07, 2017
This waterfall was easy to assemble. I thought from the picture that it would change LED colors, and I thought it was pretty overpriced. I won't buy another decor item from Home Depot online. They only had 1 item at the store so my only option was online. I'll probably look elsewhere next time.
Eryr · Review provided by Home Depot
Nice but...
June 10, 2018
It's a very nice fountain, but there are a few things I have issues with: - I was surprised at how loud the fountain was. I put in a few small landscaping rocks that helped mute the noise. - I wish there was an auto-off on the pump if the well runs dry. I'm concerned I'll forget to turn the fountain off if I'm away. - Assembly directions were confusing.
Sarah · Review provided by Hayneedle
Soothing Waterfalls
November 11, 2017
I really enjoy this fountain. I find it so relaxing after a bad day. I will say I added some river rock (small size) to customize the sound to my liking. I have it in my bedroom where I go to de-stress. I put a tray under it to protect furniture from splashes. Works great.
Thedodiva · Review provided by walmart.com
Absolutely charming!
April 03, 2018
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this waterfall lamp! A perfect addition to my patio room! Softly falling water, a little ambiance light, and the pump is quiet as can be. The only drawback is no on/off switch. You have to plug & unplug. Still a good deal for the price.
TERRY · Review provided by Hayneedle
February 06, 2021
Attractive , heavy cascading fountain. Makes nice dresser, night stand, or dinning room Table decoration. Very soothing.
OstkUser4666241 · Review provided by Overstock.com