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I love the size and convenience of this machine to a point.
August 20, 2021
I bought this machine to help in making cards. I used it once and it seemed fine. The second time I went to use it the glue/paper from the machine clogged up. I tried to see if I could do anything simple to fix it but to no avail. I looked at all the sites I could fine and none of them held any helpful information. There was no instruction pamphlet with the machine. I will call the company on Monday to see if a real person can help me. Everything always happens on weekends.
Dardo · Review provided by zoro.com
Love it
October 22, 2014
I absolutely love this thing. I make Christmas cards almost every year and I used to have to hand glue each small piece, now with this is can get a pair of long tweezers and set small things in (like hole punches) or put bigger pieces in all at once and finish a card in less than 20 mins where before it would take an hour. The one thing I will say is that it isn't really residue free. If the piece you're making into a sticker has holes I recommend wiping the glue out before placing it on the new sheet. Also rub the edges with your fingers because it occasionally builds up there as well. Otherwise I love this and it makes everything so much easier. Plus the glue used works so much better than a glue stick. Love it and would recommend it to anyone that regularly does any kind of...
SammieNicole · Review provided by walmart.com
Great Crafting Supply!
June 05, 2018
I'm a young artist and love to use this machine. I love to turn my drawings into stickers for my friends, family and myself. It's easy to use and hardly has trouble. The only thing I would consider, I would not use this machine to make stickers for retail. They are not the most professional looking sticker and should only be used for scrapbooking, personal gifts and fun.
MELISSA · Review provided by staples.com
Perfect for Die Cuts
October 01, 2019
Love using this for small and intricate die cuts. I no longer have to use glue and wait for the glue to dry. Also, Xyron has a great video on how to easily remove unwanted adhesive using the protective sheet.
JY · Review provided by xyron.com
February 05, 2015
I had just recently heard about the sticker maker and was so Happy to find it on Staples website and at a great price too. I ordered it and was so surprised that it was there in just a few days. I now can run paper through this machine and have them come out the other side. When they come out with an adhesive and paper backing ready to be applied as stickers. Great for those projects, no longer have to use the glue or double sided tape, Wish I had it long before. It was just in time for those Valentine Crafts that we will be doing. I know I am going to enjoy this for a long time.
crafts · Review provided by Staples
October 03, 2015
This unique machine is 5" wide and can convert anything printed into a sticker. It's very handy. The refill sticker paper is $10. I rated this average because of the one flaw this machine has: if the paper goes in AT ALL crooked it will jam and break. Once the paper is in there's no way to back out of course. It works on a series of plastic gears that obviously are very sensitive. I've had to replace this machine 4 times. But when everything goes in perfect, it's great
Leslie · Review provided by walmart.com
I think mine is defective
August 24, 2016
I purchased this a few weeks ago and it is not peeling the sticky stuff from around my sticker... Everything is sticky. I thought the cartridge was bad and tried a new one but the same thing happened. It is kind of a pain. I love XYRON. My 250 create a sticker maker is perfect and I have never had any problems with it... I guess I will just keep using it unless I absolutely need to use the create a sticker max.
V · Review provided by walmart.com
Very Pleased! :)
February 12, 2016
I purchased this item because I have heard a lot of people using this for the planner stickers and how great it works! I agree!!!! For the price it is truly amazing although I do feel like it waste a lot of paper. Other than that it is great! Walmart was extremely fast shipping to my local store! Will be definitely be purchasing refills through Walmart!
MeliSV · Review provided by walmart.com
I have every size
October 01, 2019
I have every size of the sticker maker because each project requires a different size. The turn knob makes it super easy to feed your cardstock and you won't waste any of the adhesive because you can see cardstock on the other end.
JY · Review provided by xyron.com
Adhesive sticker maker
March 21, 2016
This is an excellent little tool for the paper crafter, either scrapbooking or card making. It allows you to make intricate die cuts and stick them directly onto your cardstock or designer paper, rather than trying tediously to apply glue and get the item affixed before the glue dries. I was able to try out a friend's Xyron 500 and liked it so well I bought one myself -- it will get a lot of use.
olenole · Review provided by walmart.com