Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Mario Set and Luigi Set Edition - Holiday Bundle
October 2020
Turn your home into a real-life racetrack with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit from Nintendo. The game includes a real, working Luigi and Mario-themed racing kart toy from the Mario Kart series with a front-facing camera affixed behind the driver that

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Amy's review of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario
October 27, 2020
This is SO MUCH fun! Even my boyfriend who isn't really into video games will play this for hours with me (and he smashes me at it every time!) the only reasons I can't give this a ten are: 1. I don't like the things we have to race again - I'd rather race against characters from the game (I'm crossing my fingers this is almost a test of Mario Kart Live and you're seeing how much it's worth expanding) 2. The cardboard gates - they feel like they won't last long and they're light so if they get hit they move out of alignment so we have to weigh them down with objects. They also take a long time to unfold carefully. Why not clip together plastic gates? And maybe more of them? 3. Would love to take pictures during the races because it's hilarious when the cat suddenly looms in an...
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