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Beautiful! Very happy! QUIET pump, very peaceful! ?
February 01, 2020
I’ve always wanted this fountain for my office. A different fountain I’d had for fifteen years finally broke so it was time. This copper fountain is absolutely beautiful. The bowl is real copper with a dark, burnished finish. The shines brass bells look beautiful next to the copper. The pump is very quiet and virtually no sound other than the belll chime and water flow. ***Be sure to take five minutes to watch the set-up video on YouTube and you’ll have zero trouble.*** it’s a cinch to set up and operate. You can control the water flow, which controls the speed of the floating brass bells. Or just adjust it so the bells stop moving if you just want to enjoy the Peaceful water trickle. It is best to fill it with distilled water—no minerals which can eventually build u...
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I miss the lovely sound😟
March 25, 2021
I have had this fountain for several years. When I first got it, the bells made such a lovely sound. As time went on, I noticed the bells were very sluggish floating around, and barely made contact with the stationary bells so, there was little to no sound. First I cleaned the pump, then I replaced it with a new one.. it’s never worked the same, the bells just don’t circulate with enough power to generate sound. I really miss the gentle pinging sound.😟
Sharon R. · Review provided by chimes.com
Not working as described
June 12, 2021
I had wanted this fountain for 10 years and a friend of mine just bought it for my birthday...unfortunately, i am unable to get the fountain working. I have watched the assembly and troubleshooting videos as well as the troubleshooting paper that came with the fountain.. This is a real disappointment. When I sent an email to Woodstock, all they did was referred me back to the troubleshooting paper. Such an expensive gift to just sit there unused.
Deborah · Review provided by chimes.com
Works and sounds beautifully!
April 12, 2021
This is a beautiful sounding set. It took me a couple of weeks of messing with the water pressure and turning the center piece, increasing amount of water in the bowl, putting coins/stones in the floating bells, etc to really understand how to make this work. Reading all of the directions fully might have reduced the time it took me to figure it out, but this works great now, and me and my whole family love this - it’s so soothing and peaceful!
Keri S. · Review provided by chimes.com
Beautiful but frustrating
June 02, 2020
I love this fountain with bells. The sound is so relaxing and soothing and can be heard throughout our house. However, it seems every couple of days I have to fool around with the pump or clean it to get it working enough so that the bells float around the bowl. I've been using distilled water so I'm not sure why it would have worked for the first few weeks and now I'm having so many problems. I would rather it not turn into a source of frustration!
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The fountain is beautiful but hardly hear chimes
June 24, 2020
The fountain is lovely . I enjoy watching it but I hardly hear the bells . I have to stand right next to it to hear the chiming . I have heard some say they can hear it through house but I cannot . I can’t hear it a few feet away . Other than that it is a beautiful fountain but debating sending it back because I can’t hear the chimes .
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Beautiful fountain with a lovely sound, but the pump only lasted about six months!
April 23, 2020
This was a gift, and we've really enjoyed it, using only distilled water and being careful to keep it filled. But, the pump is suddenly far too weak to make the chimes sound more than the tiniest bit. It still runs, but with only the slightest trickle. Is it possible to buy a replacement pump?
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Love the Flow of water, very quiet, copper COLOR.
March 10, 2019
Love the flow of water, attractive accent for your home. But is not a copper bowl, as color has rubbed off inside of bowl. I added small flat black stones to bottom to cover that and it looks even nicer. (Balsalt stones from craft store). Also, very very quiet-hard to hear bells. But I would buy again. I added a few small real looking cherry blossom petals to some of the bells
Nezz · Review provided by walmart.com
November 16, 2011
It took me about 15 minutes, including unpacking, to get this put together and working. It creates a zen-like spa effect in our master bathroom, but I actually purchased it for our livingroom on the fireplace hearth and will be moving it there soon. We have gas heat and I've already experienced static in my hair and clothing. I suffer from itchy dry skin in the Winter months when the heat runs constantly. I'm hoping that placing several indoor water features throughout the house will resolve the lack of humidity in my house and eliminate any dry skin issues this Winter. This product holds sufficient water to last several days without fear of it running low. It is very calming and relaxing. I'm even wondering if a couple of candle votives could be placed in some of the bells to...
Jaded Princess · Review provided by SimplyFountains.com
Stopped working after 1 month
April 23, 2012
It started out as the gift I was so excited to receive. It was beautiful and had all the qualities I was hoping for. From day one, the chimes were getting caught on the cord to the pump, which runs along the inside of the fountain. I would reposition the cord over and over, and it never solved the problem. Finally, I used a suction cup to stick the cord to the side of the bowl, and then they wouldn't catch as easily. But the suction cup only lasts so long, holding onto the side. So eventually, we'd be right back at square one. Then the floating chimes began to tip over. One of them refuses to stay afloat. As soon as I set it in the water, it tips upside down and glides around like that. I have looked for replacement chimes, but cannot find them. I have only had this fountain s...
EverythingZenIdontThinkSo · Review provided by walmart.com